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About the Author

Anya Goy is a professional hair artist, who trained with some of the top art directors at the Vidal Sassoon academy and with L’Oreal, London. She has worked extensively in the UK and Australia, crafting her signature multicoloured masterpieces.

Her models have been on the runway at Wella Studios and she has worked with Toni&Guy. Anya’s work has gone viral online and is often featured on numerous hair blogs and online magazines such as Modern Salon, Hair Crazy, Hair Addiction and Salons Direct. She also has over 21K followers on Pinterest.

Her Star Wars hair design won 1st place in the #starwarspoplocks Instagram contest, and was featured on Huffington Post, Popsugar, Hello Giggles, Style.Mic and Good Housekeeping.

Her work was also named No.1 in “The 20 Most Epic Hairstyles You’ll Ever See In Your Life” feature by HairAddiction.com

She currently lives in the Guernsey, Channel Islands with her husband. You can book an appointment with Anya by email: info@rainbowhaircolour.com

Why did you write this book?

“It started back 10 years ago when I published some of my work online. It went viral and I have been inundated with messages ever since! I received hundreds of messages from people like you asking me questions on how to dye their hair rainbows like the photos.

This got me searching online for a professional tutorial I could send people to read, as replying to so many emails was a challenge.

I was shocked by what I found.

So many home hair dye tutorials, forums and youtube videos put together by non-professionals who would give terrible advice. It was like the blind leading the blind. I felt there was a massive need for professional information on how to do this type of hair colour.

I realised the problem is hairdressers are very secretive about there formulas and techniques. I couldn’t even find any books on how to do bright colour for apprentice hairdresser’s or hairdresser’s who what to learn something new.

So as a professional with years of experience working with this type of colour I felt it was essential to make this knowledge available to any and everyone.

Every section in the book is there because “you asked me.” Well, not “you” really. But from real live questions. Questions from people who love dyeing their hair bright colours at home. Asking how I change colours so often without damage? How I do pastel colours? How I stop colour fading? And so much more…

Then I answered them all in this book!

Which means no fluff. Just the real answers you want to know.

I have tried to make the guide as simple and easy-to-read and follow as possible. I wrote it as if to my 16 year old self. Before I was a professional and when I was doing awful things to my hair! This book contains everything I wish I could have told myself then.

I have been criticised by others in my field for sharing professional secrets with non-professional home colourists. But I feel if we are happy to sell the dye and bleach to the public, then it is our responsibility to educate people how to use it correctly. Also not everyone has the funds to afford the salon bills. I know as a teenager I didn’t! And other people would be happy to go to the salon, but simply live in areas where there are no hairdressers who offer this kind of colour work, as rainbow colour is not normally taught to hairdressers in collage. (I even had customers who bought the book to give to her hairdresser, so she could follow the guide and do the colour in-salon for her!)

I care about everyones hair, not just the clients who can afford to sit in my chair.

The response to the book has been massively positive. From salon owners even buying it for their staff for training, to virgin hair home users who have never pick up a bottle of dye in their life creating stunning salon standard colour, first time!”


Want the next best thing to having Goy do your hair?

Anya Goy’s eBook guide: ‘Any Colour Of The Rainbow – The Ultimate Guide to Alternative Hair Colour‘ will put her extensive knowledge and experience in your hands. The guide covers everything from safe bleaching with ammonia free bleach to creating stunning multi colours with foil. Find out all the best products, how to do pastel colours, how to maintain vibrant colour, create ombre colour like to professionals and so much more…


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