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We are so confident that you will achieve salon results at home that we offer a 10 days money back guarantee. If for any reason at all, you aren’t completely satisfied then we will give you a full, 100%, no-questions-asked, instant re-fund. 
Yes. The best thing about this step-by-step is you don’t need to be a hairdresser….
You don’t need to know anything about hair dye. Its that simple.
Absolutely. This guide covers everything! Perhaps you didn’t have the right technique, or had not pre-bleach with the right level…. or maybe it was something as simple as using the wrong products? With this guide you can learn exactly what went wrong in the past, and ensure you achieve perfect results every time in the future. 
This guide offers a range of great techniques and info, even for more advanced dye hards. You will discover dyes you haven’t heard of before. Tricks with colour mixing you’ve never tried. Foiling techniques to create ombre/balayage, rainbow, panels, streaks, pastels and so much more. Homemade recipes for my own hair mask treatment to keep your coloured hair in the best condition it’s ever been in. How to change colour without bleach or ammonia, and so much more.

In fact if you read this book through and honestly feel you have discovered nothing you didn’t already know, just send me an email and I’ll give you a full refund within 10 days after the purchase. 

As I’m sure you’re aware, bright colour has never been more popular and on tread as it is right now. With so many celebrities and models wearing bright colours in their hair I’m sure it’s important to you as a colourist to be able to offer these fashion colours to your clients.

But if you have always worked with more traditional, conservative colours and techniques (such as tints and highlights), it can be daunting when a client comes in with photo they found on Pinterest of brightly coloured hair.

This guide takes all the guesswork out, and gives you all the techniques and mixing formulas to open up this new exciting world of rainbow colour to you, your salon and your clients. This guide makes a great reference book, and has been used by salons as a fantastic training tool for their staff.

Yes. Although a lot of the major brands are from these countries I provide links to sites that do world wide shipping so you will have access to them. I also cover other dyes from around the world (Brazil, Thailand, China, Europe…etc). When I discuss products I also give country of origin so you can find the dyes available to you locally. 
You can check the amount based on the most current exchange rate using this website: www.xe.com. Simply enter the price of the book in Australian dollar and then select your currency to see how much it will be. 
Unfortunately the ebook is currently only available in English. 
The ebook is currently only available as a digital download eBook. It is the only way I can offer a lifetime for free updates. Which I feel is important as products and techniques are always changing.

It also means I can offer a better price to you as there are no added printing and shipping costs. Plus its better for the environment.

Also if you feel the need you can print pages from it.  

Currently this version is only available for desktop computers.

However we are working on making the book available on all mobile devices. So the next free update will support these devices. 

When you make your purchase you will be required to create an account. After you have made your payment via PayPal, you will be taken back to your account where you will be given a download link. Click on the link to download your copy of the ebook.

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Whenever an updated edition of this eBook is published you will receive an automatic email notification. (So make sure update your account with your most current email. That way you’ll be sure not to miss out).

You will then need to come to this website, login to your account, and then download the new update from your account. (So keep your login details somewhere safe) 

Make sure you are connected to the Internet to download your eBook for the first time. Please do not try to download the book on your phone or tablet device, as this eBook is only available for desktop and laptop computers. Log into your email on your desktop and laptop computer and download the book from the email. Alternatively you can log into your www.RainbowHairColour.com account on your desktop or laptop computer and download the book from the link in your account.

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