Hand dyed rainbow hair extensions clip in full head set



Length: 20 inch
Weight: 170g
Number of pieces: 7
Colour: Rainbow gradient hand dyed
Hair type: 100% human Remy hair (suitable for heat styling)

NOTE: Please allow 5-8 weeks for your order to arrive as these are hand crafted.
As each set is hand made there may be slight differences in colour tone and length to the set pictured.

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Rainbow hair extensions so bright that they make your tie dye outfit look monotone.

Need a colour fix? These clip in rainbow hair extensions will have you trippin’!

This full head set of rainbow hair extensions are a one of a kind, hand dyed, layered, re-sewn and customised by Anya Goy, professional rainbow hair artist.

Inspired by 60’s hippy style tie dying, psychedelic colours and the lovely Diana Villa’s hair. These rainbow locks  are at home in Woodstock, flowing from the mane of a flower child.

The rainbow gradient effect starts with cool aqua, teal, and violet tones at the top/root area, done in more solid ‘bands’ of colour giving a more tie dye effect. Then fade into fiery sunset pinks and oranges that twist into curls that melt and swirl like a lava lamp. Finishing on the ends with neon yellow and lime tips.



The yellow and lime ends are far out… they actually glow under UV/Black lights! Perfect for music festivals.

Psychedelic has never looked so sexy.

Cut into soft textured layers, with the shorted layers around the front to frame your face and blend into your own hair. Ideal if your own hair is layered and shoulder-length or longer. This massive 170g of hair is double weave at the back for super thick, full looking locks.

Q. Will these colours blend into my own natural hair colour?

A. I would recommend these for someone who is…

  • Naturally brown or darker
  • Currently has their own hair dyed bright colours (all over, or dip dyed/ombre ends like the photos)

These are VERY neon/bright, and would work best on darker hair. (It’s personal taste, but I find the softer more pastel candy rainbow for blondes/light base colour). You can see from the photos below the top colour of each extension piece is dyed dark blue/teal at the top, so would blend best into dark hair. In the photos above you can see the natural root/mid-lengths, then the natural hair is dyed ombre on the ends blue/violet. The extensions start where you see the pink and yellow. The dark blue/teal at the top of the extensions is hidden underneath, so you can not see those colours once they are clipped in under the natural hair. That’s why they blend so well.

Number of pieces in the full set: 7

Also included are extra clips. Just incase you need to replace a broken one in future.

4x Sides (Singles):
1 clip each
1.5 inch wide
10-12 inch long (layered)
Single weave


1x Top Back (bellow crown):

2 clips
3 inch wide
10-15 inch long (layered)
Double weave (extra thick)


1x Middle Back (ear to ear):

4 clips
8 inch wide
15-20 inch long (layered)
Double weave (extra thick)


1x Bottom Back (neck hairline):
3 clips
5.5 inch wide
20-21 inch long (slight layering)
Double weave (extra thick)



Q. Can I use heat on my extensions?

A. Yes, you can. These clip-in extensions are made with 100% human hair, and can be treated like your own hair. Always use a heat protectant and have your iron on a low setting, since it will keep the extensions healthy.

Q. How often should I wash my extensions?

A. Please only wash when you get mud in them after a wild Woodstock experience dancing naked in the rain, (or as little as you can). This will keep the extensions from drying out and help the colour stay strong. As they are clip-in, you take them out at the end of the day. They are not permanently attached, so won’t become oily like your own hair would. Ideally just use a dry shampoo to freshen from time to time.

rainbow hair extensions drying on washing line

Q. How do I wash my extensions when I absolutely need to clean them?

A. When washing with water, USE COLD WATER ONLY. I would recommend using an SLS (sodium laureth sulfate) free shampoo or something mild, because SLS strips colour and oils from the hair. I would also advise to use a deep conditioner when washing, since the extensions are no longer attached to someone’s head, they aren’t getting their natural oils that they need. Letting them dry natural is a better alternative to blow drying since it is damaging to use heat on wet hair and is unnecessary. So hang them up on the washing line. Remember to use a leave-in treatment like a leave in conditioner, as this will keep the extensions shiny and smooth and lasting longer.

Q. So in 2 or 3 washes they’ll be just faded pastel colours?

A. Even if you did need to wash them everyday, colours would still last much longer than 2-3 washes. Even my salon clients colours last for up to 6 weeks (or longer) with regular washing. The re-growth comes through before the colour has faded. Plus when colouring these extensions  the dye was left on for longer than 24hrs, giving maximum time to absorb. Colours will last very well even if you needed to wash them repeatedly (say after a food fight). However they are dyed with semi-permanent dyes. So if you washed them 3x a year, after 5 years you may see some fade.

Q. How can I keep the colours in my extensions from fading?

A. Don’t wash them as much as possible, as the water and shampoo fade out the colour over time. When you’re not wearing them, store them in a dark drawer or cupboard. Sunlight will fade colours, so don’t leave on a window sill.

Q. Are hair clip-in extensions high maintenance?

A. Not at all! Just brush them before and after each use to keep them detangled.

Q. My hair isn’t the same length as the extensions, will they blend in?

A. I have cut, layered, customised and style these extensions, so as long as you have some layers in your own hair they will blend in. Won’t work on bob length or shorter. Ideal for shoulder length hair with layers. If you want to shorten the length or adjust the layers further you can simply take them to your hairdresser to cut them to suite you.

Q. How hard is it to clip in these hair extensions myself?

A. It’s super easy! Please ask for a fitting video link after purchase if required.

Q. How are the hair extensions attached?

A. The hair extensions are made of strips of real human hair , each strip is a specific size and has micro clips already attached to them. The clips are pressure sensitive and clipped into the hair between sections. This ensures they are hidden, secure and look like your own colourful hair.

 Q. How wide are clips on these hair extensions? Will people be able to see if I am wearing hair extensions?

A. Not at all. They are just 3cm wide, smaller than the average 5cm. So totally invisible when wearing. They also have a rubber backing to them for stronger grip.

Q. How often can I wear my extensions?

A. As often as you like, just remember to take them out before sleeping to prolong their life and stop them tangling.






If the hair extensions arrive damaged from the post in anyway, I will accept returns and refund the full cost. Extensions will need to be returned in 30 days for full refund.

However there will be NO RETURNS, NO REFUNDS because you change your mind, decide you don’t like them or you break/damage them. So please be sure before you purchase.


Please NOTE that due to lighting, monitor’s brightness/contrast settings etc, there could be some slight differences in the colour tone of the pictures and the actual hair. I’ve done my best to give a true representation of the colours, however I know photo lighting and computer monitor’s can mean slight differences. I guarantee, however they are BRIGHT!

Also please allow please allow 1-2 inch error in measurement.

As this is hand dyed, and not mass manufactured, there are some small ‘patchy’ spots and variation in colours. The top blue/teal colours are done in tie dye effect and are solid bands of colour, not as blended at the rest. (However these are hidden once you clip them in anyway, so can’t be seen.)


Shipping from Sydney, Australia. All shipping prices include registered post and insurance. Ship to USA, UK/Europe and Australia only.

International (USA/UK/Europe/Asia): $25 (No tax)

Australia: $13 (Plus 10% GST)