Rainbow Unicorn Hair Tutorial

Published: 3:51 PM, Friday 5th April 2019 | Updated: 5:03 PM, Wednesday 8th April 2020

Rainbow Unicorn Hair Transformation

So when a client walks in requesting to be transformed into a magical rainbow unicorn, of course I just pull out my magic wand! However I’ve decided to start sharing how the magic works in more detail with you beautiful hair fairies. I’m hoping by sharing my process and formula for turning humans into magical creatures, that it will be a helpful insight. That way we can spread the magic, and inspire each other. This rainbow unicorn hair transformation took a total of 6 hours.

The process

We started with natural level 6 hair and previously bleach ends. I dry cut most of the bleached ends first to remove the old damaged areas.

Next I did a full head bleach, off scalp, using L’Oréal Multi-Techniques Lightening Powder + 20vol + Olaplex.
I used a foil stack to help incubate the lightener in a similar way to the platinum card technique. Processed for 30-40min, checking regularly. Shampooed and applied Olaplex Step 2 at the basin. 20min. Result was gold level 9 with some level 10 areas on the very ends.

Vivid colors:

Used a classic pinwheel pattern (I have a YouTube video on this if you would like more details) But I changed it up at the back, splitting the sections horizontally. The lower panels of the Pinwheel I did rainbow warm to cool. Then the upper sections around the crown I reversed the same rainbow pattern with green as the only colour in the center of both rainbows running vertical from crown to nape.

Colours used:

🌺Pink: Mix of L’Oréal Professional COLOURFULHAIR Twinkle Fuchsia + Special Effects Atomic Pink + Adore Neon Pink.

🍊Orange: Mix of Adore Fruit Punch and L’Oréal Professional COLOURFULHAIR Yellow Sun.

⚡️ 🍌 Yellow: Manic Panic Electric Banana

🌳Green: L’Oréal Professional COLOURFULHAIR Iced Mint

🐬Turquoise blue: Manic Panic Atomic Turquoise.

🧿Blue: Special Effects Electric Blue

🌂Purple: Mix Special Effects Deep Purple and dash Adore Indigo Blue, diluted in a little L’Oréal Source Fig Plup conditioner to lighten up a touch. 

Processed for 30min. Rinse only and conditioner wash only.

This client had a beautiful natural curl, so I used a little Moroccan Oil curl cream, twisted the curls while damp to shape them, and then used a diffuser on low heat setting to dry.

Rainbow Unicorn Hair
Rainbow Unicorn Hair

This unicorn was so happy with her new rainbow mane she left me a very lovely review…